I have been toiling away for the past few weeks here at HQ getting my ms all shined up.  It has been the most amazing process. My newly (re)-finished YA Fantasy Adventure manuscript, THE EXPATRIATES, is about to head to query land and I am starting to feel like I am sending my kid off for their first day of school.  Will she make friends?  Will people like her?  What if she doesn’t fit in?

Soon I will be celebrating a year since I started this project, and it has been an adventure on its own.  I have learned a few things along the way:

  • Making the decision to quit my day job and pursue writing full time was the easy part.
  • Actually writing full time?  Not for lack of trying.
  • Procrastination is the enemy. 
  • It is possible to type while getting a pedicure.
  • The blog world is full distractions for YA writers.
  • Twitter finally made practical sense to me when I took part in a hashtag event. (#askagent) *lightbulb*
  • Reading the blogs of agents and published authors causes acute anxiety coupled with a secondary case of inferiority that is best handled by drinking vitamin water (xxx) and eating chocolate raisins.  
  • Not to mention the toll all the advice takes on a poor shredded ms when in edit mode.  Can you say Negative Word Count?
  • Blog contests rock!
  • I am not the only one who swoons over awesome book covers.
  • It is hard to find critique partners and beta readers.
  • It is really important to find critique partners and beta readers.
  • I am not alone on this ride, trying to break into print.

I am sure I’ll be able to add to this list forever, but in the meantime I #amwriting.

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