If you know me, you know all about RTF. In August we’ll be hosting our 3rd annual charity benefit gala – a really fun night of food, music, and a monte carlo casino to play in! We also have a silent auction, for which my friend Jill (also known as LemongrassJill) wants to donate a basket of her spa products! (Thank you Jill!)

BUT DON’T ACT NOW! For those of you who are unfamiliar with how she does this, Jill sets up a sale to benefit the charity, and then a percentage of the total sales are donated to the charity. In the case of the RTF auction, she will be donating a spa basket for the auction in the value of the proceeds. I will let you know when Jill has our sale page all set up… so don’t order today! I only share this with you today so you can prepare, my friends!

I was introduced to the Lemongrass Spa line of products (all natural, made in colorado) at another charity event, where I fought tooth-and-nail, with my sharpie at the bid sheet to win this fabulous basket for the foot spa products. I have not tried all of their products (not even close) but I do use several of them on a regular basis:

Nail Balm: This product is a dream! On top of all my fabulous quirks and issues that make me so lovable is my OCD hand-washing. As a result, my nails and cuticles are dry and brittle, and are frequently torn and bleeding. The Nail Balm comes in a small glass jar, and it has a waxy consistency. I take a small amount (the size of a nickel) and rub it into my nails and cuticles (and then my hands) before bed. I don my sexy cotton gloves, grab my book, and let the balm work its magic.

After three nights of this, my cuticles are healed and whole, and there is no pain, no sharp edges that get caught on my clothing (yes, it gets that bad). So, I highly recommend this product to anyone who has chapped and dry hands that need a little love.

Lemongrass Signature Body Soap
: This is a bar soap (not for your face) that smells so yummy and makes your skin feel fabulous. I am actually out of this and am going to order some more in the RTF sale!

Tea Tree Face Cream: This is a perfect product for those of us who are still prone to acne and blemishes on the face. I use the cream as my daily moisturizer, and it has been helping me tremendously. I received my current bottle back in February, and am just about out now… it goes a long way.

I also have a bunch of the foot products, but do not use those daily. Since I am now blogging again, I will do a pedicure treatment, just in time for sandal weather, and share my experiences with you, dear reader.

If you’ve used this product, share your comments!!

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  1. I have been wanting to try these products so I will definitely have to buy something. I remember when you got the set at the Walk to Remember but I don’t remember what scent it was? Do you remember?

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