I don’t believe in coincidence…

I woke up yesterday morning with the strangest and most pressing need to call the engraving company that handles the memorial tiles we install at the RTF Angel Memorial here in CO. I figured it was the universe giving me a nudge because something was going on with my current order for tiles. Worried, I sent an email as it was before office hours.

We have a butterfly release memorial event coming up on June 27, so there is a deadline in place, if self-imposed, to have everything installed prior to that day.

As I wrote the email to my contact at the engraver’s office, I found myself asking 2 questions. 1 – will there be any trouble meeting the June 27 deadline, and 2 – is there any reason to suspect the tiles are going to be discontinued any time in the near future? Question #2 fell out of my brain at the minute… I wasn’t even thinking about the stock.

We need a couple hundred tiles for our walls, but only order them as needed. There have been a couple dozen memorials ordered in the 18 months since the statue dedication, and so it will be some time before we have occupied all of the space on the two walls we have there.

I got a call this afternoon from my contact who said, “Funny that you called, I just got word from our distributor that your tile is being discontinued and they are off-loading all of their inventory. You will want to purchase the balance of your tiles and store them here, I think.”

I am grabbing my tape measure and going tomorrow to calculate how many tiles we’d use.

*thank you* to the little birdie who gave me the nudge!!

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