Happy December! It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s time for my first-ever post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Shout out to Alex J. Cavanaugh, who created this amazing group of insecure writer/bloggers which has been going strong for years!


Today, I want to talk about dreams, goals, and expectations.

At the beginning of November, I shared a quote here by Elizabeth Gilbert about not living someone else’s dream. She shares some beautifully insightful things on her facebook page, and many of them resonate with me, but this one… it’s a great post about choices and letting go of what other people want for you. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I realized the reason why is because I’m insecure about the choices I’m making.

It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s expectations. To measure the “right path” based on what the rest of the world says I should be doing. I’ve always been one to follow my gut and my heart, and allow the Universe to steer me on my path without that niggling concern. I don’t usually worry about expectations. But now that I’ve decided to publish my book, a lot of my life has shifted. I find there are a million things I “should be doing”, according to those in the know. I should be working to market it, to track sales, to build, and build, and strategize and plan and network and become prolific in order to have “success.”  There is so much advice! How is anyone supposed to know which guidance to follow?  What does success look like when you’re just starting out?

So far, I’ve been allowing myself to take the time to explore and test the waters of different roads, unwilling (unable?) to fire all pistons. I’ll be honest, I worry about burning out. I worry about turning something I love into a chore. I worry that giving myself permission to slow things down is the wrong move, that I’m missing something important. I worry about sharing this so openly!

I guess I’ve got some stuff to think on, and let go of.

It’s good to have something to work on.



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  1. Definitely don’t want it to become a chore. If you need to, take some time to read books that made you want to write in the first place. Enjoy your family and then be refreshed when you come back to it. Good luck!

  2. Donna has a good idea. I use it myself, reading the man who inspired me to write in the first place: Roger Zelazny — who no one now knows but whose writing live on in the hearts of those few who still read it.

    Marketing is a challenge. But we grow by grappling with challenges, our hands and hearts bleeding when we slip in the fray.

    Book trailers can help. Going to ACX and seeing if you can get your novel made into an audiobook on the Royalty Share basis — which means you do not pay upfront — you share your royalties with the narrator.

    Reaching out to a few fellow bloggers and arranging them to have you over for a visit where you entertain and amuse the cyber audience and talk about something that interests them. I wish you the best of sales!

    1. I am always so intrigued by book trailers. Would love to do one or two for my book. And I’ve been looking into ACX for audio. It’s def on my list. :) Thank you Roland!

  3. A few times I hit that point when my writing felt like a chore. And that’s the time to take a break. Especially this time of year when we’re all so busy and I’d rather be baking cookies or shopping or visiting family & friends. Taking a break or stepping away from your ms is a good thing.

  4. Oh, when the time comes, I will gladly have you on my blog. When I interview authors I do it in my haunted jazz club, Meilori”s, frequented by the ghosts of famous and infamous authors! Have fun with your writing dream. It is the journey not the destination that takes up most of our lives — why just endure the majority of our lives?

  5. Welcome to the IWSG!
    There are many things to try and many things that work, and they are never the same for all books. After three books with a fourth on the way, only one thing stands out – consistency. Be it a slow burn or full blaze. And if you don’t want to burn out, whatever you do, make it a long, slow burn and just do a little bit on a consistent basis.
    As for me? My fourth will be my last, so I’m going out in a blaze of glory!

    1. Great advice, Alex! And yes, I am all for the slow burn. Congrats on 4! You’re not going to continue writing? Must go read up on your blog.

  6. I find it overwhelming by all the advice out there on how to market one’s book, create one’s platform, etc., that I’m finding writing anything new difficult. I have a fifth book coming out in 2015 once the illustrator is done with his work and I really feel it’s time to step away and try to get a grip on a steady paycheck and not worry about royalties.

    1. Hi Donna, Congrats on #5 in 2015! I am seeing that I am not alone in the need to step back a bit. While that makes me feel better, it is a terrible thing that we are all so overwhelmed! I would love to find that balance between writing and the pub biz side, and life. That’s my goal for 2015, I am calling it “Mission:Organized Writing Life” Here’s to balance in 2015. *cheers*

  7. I think it’s okay (and against the general grain of the writer world) to soak in the moment and see what’s next. There is truth in the statement if you write it and leave it be, seldom will it be read. But after 8 months of hard (and at times unorganized/unfocused efforts) I wonder if I should have been less over the top following all the right “leads” and “advice” with a book release. Listen to your heart and it will hear what the universe has to say for you. Me, I’m doing the same, intermixed soon with reading your book (which I just downloaded! Yay!)

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