Loosening the Tight Grip

Do you spend time being mindful about getting what you want? I don’t mean actively doing things and checking them off your list – although is important too and is probably what comes next.  I’m talking about visualizing and manifesting what you really want by using images, words, or other means.

-My prayer box-

When I look around my office I see dozens of totems and quotes and inspirational tools that are all meant to keep my mind and energy focused on whatever it is I need. Now that I am writing this, I am starting to realize I have oodles of things here. I wonder if visitors to my little space think this is a crazy place, lol.  *considers decluttering*

I wrote once before about vision boards, and how powerful they can be as a manifesting tool.  What I wanted to share today was my little prayer box.  This was a gift from a friend and has become quite cherished to me. The gift was intended for me to use as a meditative tool, to write love notes to my deceased daughter, to put worries down on paper and let them go, to release any number of things by placing them into the box.

If you were to open the box you’d find all kinds of notes and scraps and little trinkets that are probably meaningful only to me. I have written prayers for friends, for my family, for myself, requests for help, requests for clarity, requests for the Universe to rescue me from the hectic. I’ve written notes about being ready to move on from something, about being ready to receive something into my life. 

I have never gone back through to check the status of the things I have requested – I think that goes against the point. What matters is that when you put something in the box, you’ve given yourself permission to loosen the tight grip you’ve had on it – which allows things to happen (usually exactly what you need).

I once found an image on the internet that someone posted of their achievements in life, and I wish I had saved it because it was stunning. For me, it represents what comes after the prayer box. I’d love to reproduce this in my office.

In the image there was a shelf on a wall, with a mason jar on top. On the wall above the jar were dozens of plain paper butterflies attached to look as if they were flying from the jar. On each one, in neat lettering was a goal.  Once that goal was achieved, the butterfly was plucked from the wall and placed in the jar. The goals were varied from the material, to the emotional and mental, to fun and very personal. If anyone out there has seen this… I would love if you’d send me the link.

What do you do to help you let go of the things that weigh you down?

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