I have been having a frantic and stressful week so far, shed several tears and have had a tummy ache since Saturday (poor you!, you scream with dismay). Alas, everything seems to be falling in to place for the RTF event on Saturday, and I still have a ton of work to do between now and then. I got an email that made me laugh out loud, and had to share it. It is spam, so I won’t open it – but here is what appeared in my inbox: From: Massimo Subject: Bragging Rights in Your Pants I think about all these spam emails that come through, and the fabulous names that are chosen for these faux senders. Perhaps a fiction should be written about them and their fantastical adventures. Starting with Massimo, the traveling peddler from Florence, Italy who sells miracle cures and fine tonics to heal whatever ails you – starting with the one that provides bragging rights in your pants.

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