Today I am excited to have my friend, Author Susan Oloier, visiting the blog! Susan’s new novel FRACTURED was released just this week and is enjoying a blog tour and giveaway to celebrate!  Follow the book tour here and enter the giveaway below.


When Anna Kincaid has a miscarriage, her world comes crashing to a halt. Grief overwhelms her life and she combats it with prescription medication. Her husband Lloyd does not see the event as tragic. In fact, not ready to be a father, he is relieved at the news. This creates a chasm in their marriage and splits them apart. Both Anna and Lloyd find themselves moving in different directions. Anna finds hope in a young, male colleague named Ben and comfort in narcotics. Lloyd loses himself in work. Will their marriage survive the miscarriage, or will it always remain fractured?

Reading about this story, readers learn quickly that it isn’t based on a happy event. Right away we meet Anna Kincaid and witness her experiencing the loss of her pregnancy. What inspired you to write this story?

FRACTURED came from my own miscarriage experiences in 2002. Initially, writing the novel was a way to cope with the pain of a loss few understood. But I quickly realized I couldn’t create a fully-developed story based on miscarriage alone, so it became more about a broken marriage precipitated by the loss of a pregnancy.

Tell me about the journey from idea to novel.

FRACTURED has been ten years in the making, Though it was not the first novel I wrote, it took a lot of time to get the first draft completed. Then life events took me away from novel writing: the birth of my two sons, my graduate degree, a teaching job, a gig as a magazine columnist, small publishing credits, and eventually a year-long road trip to visit the national parks in the lower 48 (another story that is already six years in the making). I’ve revised, rewritten, and edited FRACTURED though the years, I dusted the manuscript off again and worked to get it in shape for publishing.

What made you decide to go with Indie Publishing?

In 2006, my younger son was born with Trisomy 18, an often fatal diagnosis. When my husband and I were told he would likely die before he reached two months, I made a conscious decision to truly live my life in the moment. Then in 2011, my sister-in-law died in a tragic car accident at 36. These two moments, along with other major events in my life, made me fully aware that I may not have tomorrow. So why wait for the glimmer of hope from an agent of from publishers? I’ve racked up hundreds of rejections over the years even though I know I write well. An excerpt from FRACTURED was published online at www.thefertilesource.com, which validated what I already knew about my work. It’s a personal decision, and I chose not to wait for traditional publishing, especially in the face of an ever-changing industry.

Susan, thank you for being so candid about some truly heavy and
personal things in your life and your writing. Reading FRACTURED, one
can’t help but notice how real and honest you were in sharing the
experiences as they unfolded for Anna. I know many readers will relate
to Anna and her story because she is portrayed with such clarity and
The journey to publication is truly ever-changing.  Best of luck to you, and I hope you find success and lots of new fans through FRACTURED.

Coming soon in print from Create Space.

Follow Susan:
Blog: www.susanoloier.blogspot.com
Twitter: @narrawriter


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  1. Corinne & Susan,
    Fractured sounds like an interesting story, especially since thing become more complicated than just the loss of Anna’s child. Gonna buy myself a copy.

    Wishing Susan lots of success with this novel.

  2. Corinne and Susan I enjoyed the interview and learning more behind the story. Sadly, I’ve been around several young mothers this year dealing with the miscarriage issue. My heart breaks for them. I purchased a copy of your book from Amazon and hope to read it soon. I’m about to begin revisions and this will likely cut into reading time.

    1. Stacy,
      Thank you so much for your ongoing support with Fractured. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the book, and I hope the women you know find comfort with their losses.

  3. I’ve read Susan’s writing, and it’s always interesting to read about the author’s life. I’m glad she channeled her painful experiences to something positive.

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