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It’s M day, and today I want to talk about Mindset and Moderation as it pertains to productivity and getting your things done.


Being productive is a mind game. If you wish to be productive—making the best use of your time—then you have to tackle fear, sloth, procrastination, distraction, netflix, disorganization, and a slew of other things that keep you from focusing. And you have to do this every day.

It helps to take time to think about how you work. What situations energize you? Exhaust you? What conditions help you work the best?

It help to visualize success and know that you have it within you do get the job done. Because YOU DO.

Decide right now that you’re going to do this thing, whatever it is. And decide that this time, it’s going to happen. Because you said so.

And then… practice:


This goes back to the Baby Steps conversation we had on B day. One of the pitfalls of making changes to become more productive is overdoing it.

Think about it. If you followed every one of my tips each day, so far this month you’d be: finding an accountability partner, being mindful of baby steps, checking-in on goals you’ve written down in Evernote, while being mindful to do the difficult things first, you’d be downloading my new fan fic book, entering my giveaway (ends 4/24!), structuring yourself to develop habits, writing your morning tasks on your index cards, journaling about all of this, while killing the TV and keeping it simple, in the dark.

That’s an insane amount of change!!

Just like you should tackle big projects and goals by breaking them down into smaller, measurable pieces, so too should you bring new structure into your productivity-plan a tiny bit at a time.

Ease into it. Make it fun. Keep what works. Toss the rest.


I’m being interviewed over at Toby Neal’s blog about the Lei Crime Kindle World project we’ve launched with 8 other authors.

Come over and say hi!

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  1. Good points, Corinne. It gets back to the old picture of how to eat an elephant, doesn’t it? (One bite at a time.)

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