#REN3 – My short story for the Rule of Three Blogfest, which I wrote over four weeks in October has made it to the final “short list” for voting. I can’t tell you how humbled I am that my little story made it this far, and invite you to hop on over to the new website created for this blogfest to read all 6 of the stories and vote for your favorite. If you’re a writer and might want to get involved in the next one, make sure you sign up to follow that blog.  Tell ’em Corinne sent ya! 

 #NaNoWriMo is off to a great start, although I am already behind. This week things should (hopefully) slow down for me. After a crazy weekend with people visiting and lots of entertaining, I hope to catch up. The whole NaNo thing really amazes me. Like the writing sprints that some friends and I sometimes do, when you turn off the self-editor that makes me stop and really think over each sentence – progress really happens.  Right now my problem is that I am writing a new novel while revising another, and so while trying to NaNo, the other calls.  #goodproblems

Library Books on Kindle – I am befuddled by the process of getting library books onto my Kindle. My kids have been reading like the wind, and I’d love to be able to cue up the next book for them on the spot.  Anyone know how this works?  I’d love a tutorial, lol.


Team Tinsel? Holidays are coming and I am so totally not ready. I have a bin of Fall decor that we never even unpacked this year. Seriously, where does time go?  I think I might just skip all of that and get the Winter/Christmas goodies going!  I have discovered there are two camps of people in the world, those of you who (like me) would play holiday music year-round and move to Christmas Island if she could, and those of you who think it should be a crime to play holiday music for weeks before the day.  So… Team Tinsel or Team Grinch?  I must know.

Gratitude – What are you grateful for?  I’d love to see the world take a moment each day to share just one thing that you’re grateful for, because even when things have gone completely awry, there is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude helps us maintain our perspective and keep us from letting the drama run away with us.  So… what are you grateful for?  Today I am grateful for my family, and the good health of the people I love.

I hope you enjoy your week.  Until next time, enjoy this new slice of goodness:

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