1. I have a Word Peeve:  Anxious vs. Eager – I can be a bit of a word freak, I admit it.  “Details are important,” she said as she ruined her prose with bad grammar. I also understand that nobody is perfect. I, on one hand, am a comma freak and cannot be relied upon to accurately edit for grammar. But when it comes to word choice, the devil is in the details, my friends. My ears begin to bleed and my innards curl when people write things like “your” when they mean “you’re” or “here” when they mean “hear”.  But sometimes, in the heat of the moment, those can be more of a typo and not really an error. (read: I’ve done it and shrieked as the tweet moved through the scroll.)  But the use of “anxious” when you are actually “eager” for something to happen just irks me. This is not a typo, it is a mistake. Let me ‘splain.

If you are anxious about something, you’re worried about it.  Fretting! As in:  “I am anxious to hear if I got the part that I auditioned for.”  As in: *nibbles on nails*. 

In contrast, if you are eager, you are looking forward to something with excitement and happy feelings. Yearning!  As in: “I am eager to start receving some of the books on my Amazon pre-order list.” As in: *squee* 

2. Speaking of word peeves, my Word Peeve #2 for today relates to the use of Should have vs. Should of. I can’t believe that people even make this mistake but I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. There is no explanation really. In part this one makes me sad because I worry that the person doing it doesn’t read for pleasure. People who read a lot tend to have a better grip on words than those who don’t, and when I hear that a person doesn’t like to read that makes me sad. #sigh

3. Coke or Pepsi? I am a Coke girl, through and through. I love soda! With lots of ice! Preferably sans straw so the bubbly goodness can tickle my lips as I imbibe. I surmise that because it was kept from me as a child I went off the deep end when I gained my liberty and started consuming it with zeal. Zeal! Meals don’t taste right without a Coke. With foodies in my family, I have developed my palate and have been known to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with food, but I usually end up with an array of glasses surrounding my plate and crowding the table because I should have just ordered a soda to start.  So, you’ll understand how unhappy I am to be giving up soda. This is a big deal and I have been weaning for months. I am committed to break the habit. Last night, while I was out buying a new keyboard (mine stopped producing anything in the asdf area all of a sudden) I stopped at the WalMart to pick up an iced-tea machine.  $18.98 later I actually am enjoying the supply of iced tea but we misses the bubbles.  We needs it.  #weeps

4. THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson – Casey McCormick has come up with a fabulous blog-contest-chain for this book, and I think I am entered in all of them so please let me win one. The contests are straight forward, but they all have a catch: The winner of the contests MUST do the same giveaway on their blog.  So… there are two going on right now that I can find as I write this.  Check back as I will edit to add the others.  The book sounds wonderful – I hope to be giving one away on my blog in the future as part of my contract with the contest!

5. My Amazon Pre-order list mocks me. I wish I could spin forward in time to receive these babies, but I have a HUGE to-be-read pile and think that maybe, just maybe, these books will arrive right in the nick of time.

DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver – this has actually been released already, but I have ordered it with free shipping along with:
DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth – which I cannot wait to get my paws on.  Which leads me to:
THE NEAR WITCH by Victoria Schwab – who is currently in Liverpool for a long stint #colormejealous and then the lovely:
POSSESSION by Elana Johnson – whose cover has captured my imagination along with:
INVINCIBLE SUMMER by Hannah Moskowitz – whose other book BREAK really blew me away.

Time, it ticks and tocks and I check the mail box.

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  1. I’m a Coke girl myself : ) Thanks for supporting the author of THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE and for entering the Buy-it-Forward contest on my blog. YAY!

    Funny tid-bit on words. Did you know there are hundreds of people who HATE the word ‘moist’ SO much that they have a page dedicated to their hate of the word on FB?

  2. LOL Paula – after the Bernard Pivot Blogfest on Wed last week I was surprised how many people chose “moist” as their most hated word.

    Thank you for your contest. I love to give books away! May the contest gods smile upon me as I enter then all!

  3. Although I hear ya on your vs you’re and their, there and they’re – I have to disagree with your assessment of eagerness and anxiety you know, because I’m contrary like that. =)

    ps – Pepsi or bust

  4. First, you said, “Soda,” which made me smile. It’s “pop” out here, but my hubby says soda, and so do our two boys….

    Second, I’m terrified to post, because I can hear you screaming at me over my shoulder as I type all this grammatically incorrect :)

    Swinging by to say hi from the hop, and follow so I don’t miss anything!
    The Survival Mama

  5. @J Randayle, I would never shout over your shoulder about grammar, I promise! Thanks for following, what fun. :)

    @Ule – I have to insist that my peeve is based in fact. Although I am eager to see you on Thursday I am anxious to debate this with you. LOL! xoxo

  6. Corinne GUESS WHAT?? That’s right, you are the winner of THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE!! Please contact me with your address info so I can get the book right out to you.

    Congrats, and thanks for entering!

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