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Monday Memo - 5 things for the week - Corinne O'Flynn

1. Dear Christina Aguliera, You are uber talented. Your song/video Beautiful remains one of the most moving songs/videos I have ever heard/seen. You rock. However, if POTUS is allowed to use those invisible teleprompters to deliver his speeches and nobody feels like their view is being blocked or that he is less of a man for using them, can’t you have requested one for the singing you did at the Super Bowl?  Instead of being a fabulous performer belting it out –  and sister, you can WAIL – you have become another footnote of the ridiculousness that ensues when people sing the National Anthem at sporting events. I mean seriously. If someone calls me and asks me to perform our NATIONAL ANTHEM in front of the football-loving world, I would be practicing with notes even though I know that I know the song. Who knows, I might get stage fright, or the flashes and pops would distract me. It is not a hard song, especially when you take a moment to learn its history. It actually tells a really neat story, in chronological order, about a flag, at a battle, and a guy watching from the hill.  The sad thing is that we are so used to seeing performers butcher this song as well as America the Beautiful that I think we’ve become a little lax.  LAX I SAY! I demand an apology. #anthemfail

2. Twitter for Education? I learned recently via an agent’s tweets that she had just reduced a manuscript by 5 pages by removing the 2nd space after each sentence. Well, knock me over with a feather! I replied, typing a sentence and then adding two spaces after the period is now considered a NO-NO? Yes, she replied back. Say what?  *grabs Strunk and White* and finds nothing there about spacing. *grabs The Chicago Manual of Style* and has found it in section 2.12, which states: A single character space, not two spaces, should be left after periods at the ends of sentences (both in manuscript and in final, published form) and after colons. So clear, so concise. But as a woman who learned to type on an IBM Selectric typewriter in high school, the double-tap was religion. It is going to be a hard habit to break my friends, hard. Indeed. *backspace*  Urgent Update: my husband, who is currently in school has informed me that there is a school writing standard that he must adhere to when submitting his annotated works which requires a double tap after the period.  Stay tuned people… I will get to the bottom of this.

3. Can you say BLOGFEST?  I have signed up for a couple that should be a lot of fun.  (see links on right) First, there is the fabulous 500-follower Nicole Ducleroir’s Bernard Pivot Blogfest coming up on the 16th of this month in which I reveal my favorite regular word and also my most favorite swear word, among other things. I’m excited that I have this post all written and ready to go on the 16th.  I’ve actually been editing this post back and forth adding asterisks and then putting the swear word back in so I can, you know, OWN IT.   Right now it has asterisks and I still feel guilty.  What say you?  Shall I rage against the machine and let ‘er rip?  The other blogfest is being thrown by Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out.  She’s calling it the the A-to-Z April 2011 blogfest in which we blog every day in April except Sundays, because you know, even God rested on Sunday… which ends up leaving us 26 days to blog on things – you guessed it – in alphabetical order.  Check em out, sign up, and then enjoy the ride.  A is for… afraidtotypeswearwords

4. I am at 82 followers on this blog, add 79 in from my feed burner, (as I was instructed to do by the folks who know what’s happening over at Querytracker Blog) and now 2 (including me and my new friend W) in my Networked Blog feed.  I wonder what it takes to make people actually click follow?  I do want to know.  You must tell me.  I also want to reward you with a contest when we hit 100.  So, give a girl a click.

5. By the time this post self-publishes, I will be at the hospital getting some pre-op prep work done. I’m started to get nervous about my surgery because I have never been under general anesthesia and I realize that this is causing me to balk in all the ways associated with control and trust.  I think I have unveiled an issue or two of mine and it is not fun because by this time on Wednesday I will have to give in to my fears and go with it.  And so I drink black tea and hope for the best.

Happy Monday folks, may you have an excellent week and play nice with your friends.

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  1. Poor Christina. It was definitely cringe-worthy.

    I used to be a double spacer until a CP told me it was a no-no. Took a while for me to break the habbit, but I’d always thought it was the norm, too. ;)

  2. Yes, the norm is now one space. I’ve heard that people can “date” you by how you type. When I went back to college I forced myself to convert to one space – it was not easy, but after about two weeks I’d gotten the hang of it. Now it comes naturally and those extra spaces bug me ;)

    You know, I didn’t even realize that Christina messed up the song because I’m always so floored by her voice – which is INCREDIBLE. When I was fat and bald (chemo) I used to listen to Beautiful on the way home from work and cry… CRY… when I could listen to that song without sobbing, I knew that I was healing – at least the awful “who the heck is that woman in the mirror” part of the process. I blogged about her songs once, here: http://the-pickles.blogspot.com/2008/09/beautiful-fighter.html

    I hope your surgery went well.

    Oh, and when you click follow on the Networked Blog it had you sign in with your Facebook creds and give it permission to collect your youngest child at their leisure. :)

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