1. This morning I filled out the paperwork and registered my youngest child for kindergarten. 17 pages – seventeen! All with with my name, address, phone number, his birthday, address, and siblings names and their dates.  Seventeen flipping pages.  If the IRS can manage doing things online, surely the CO Board of Ed can make something happen here… let’s do this thing. My little son, we call him “A”, just the letter.  He is 5 and a half.  He has three older siblings.  They are in K, 2nd, and 4th grades.  They each have complete names with multiple syllables, A does too, but we just call him A. Maybe we’re lazy.  But, A is my little dude. Today I do not feel liberated by the idea of the smallest of my smalls starting school in the fall, I just feel old.
  2. In other news, I just discovered that Beth Revis will be coming to Colorado!  This almost cancels out the oldness from item #1 above, because this makes me feel like running down the street cheering and screaming happy things.  That’s right. The Beth Revis, NYT Bestselling Author of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is coming to the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch. This makes me feel quite happy, and also very pleased and excited, which makes me feel young.  If you’re a local and you want to meet up at the TC, let me know.  I’m totally game.  The code word will be: purple ninja
  3. Continuing with the goodness streak I’ve got going on (see #2 above).  I am working like a crazy person this morning on my manuscript.  Well, actually I am blogging right now, but you understand that when you begin to read this I will be here in front of another screen typing my fingers off.  I have a goal to get two chapters completed by the end of January.  That’s like a week from now.  The synopsis for this one is almost done, too.  Wish me luck and send your good juju.  This also makes me feel young.
  4. I noticed today that I am closing in on 100 followers… this will warrant a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY CONTEST OF SOME SORT.  Any thoughts?  What can I give away?  I was thinking about some Girl Scout Cookies and a BOOK OR TWO, maybe some homemade bookmarksBut we have to get there first… so tell your friends and let’s hit 100 followers!  This would make me feel like I was like, totally rad.
  5.  And finally… I have this little slice of hilarious for you to start your week off.  It flew by on my twitter the other day and I had just enough time to click “favorite” before it scrolled away.  Enjoy!

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