Monday Memo – 5 things for the Week and #atozchallenge

Reflections on the A-to-Z Challenge:
The A-to-Z Challenge has come to a close, and I have to say YIPPEEE! I did it!  It was not as easy as I had thought it would be. Blogging daily was a lot of work.  The hashtag #atozchallenge made it so easy to catch up on missed posts, and the HUGE linky with over 1200 blogs on it was so incredible.

I had a blast doing the challenge! I made some new blog friends, learned a TON of new and interesting things about the world and about my friends. I look forward to continuing my theme of wacky words.  Perhaps Wacky Word Wednesday?  lol

Special thanks to the hosts of this year’s challenge:  (go follow them all now!)

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Thank you to Elizabeth Mueller for this beauty:

Thank you to everyone who popped in for a visit during the challenge and welcome again to all of my new followers!  Holy smokes, I have surpassed 200 followers during the blogfest, I smell a contest celebration!!??

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming:  
Monday Memo – 5 Things for the Week

1. Wow at the news last night. It is really incredible to realize how powerfully our minds have grasped on to Osama Bin Laden as the face of terror against America. The news last night (and by the way, how those news folks can talk about nothing forEVAR! waiting for the president to speak) I heard several times how OBL has not been the mega-boss for some time now and although he has been Public Enemy #1 for years, the factions under him live on. It is such a scary time we live in. Sending my deepest thanks to all of our troops and a wish for peace in the hearts of all those whose lives have been indelibly affected by the events on 9/11/2001.

2. Life does continue on, thankfully… and this week begins my rewrite on my manuscript Wise Jim. Back in the fall I won a full critique by an awesome agent through the Do The Write Thing For Nashville auction. Well, my ms has come home again with a whole lotta notes. I am SO EXCITED to begin working on it again and I have to say, the months of waiting forced me to let my ms sit, and I’ll tell you that this does indeed allow me to give it a fresh look.  (and lots of cringing).

3. Listening to DAEMON and now the sequel FREEDOM(tm) by Daniel Suarez. Have you ever read a techno thriller book about all the evil and dark things that could happen in the world that we have come to rely so heavily upon technology to manage everything and it leaves you feeling really paranoid and wanting to sell all stuff and live in a tent off the grid forever? Yeah, me neither.  O_O

4. Wogging.  My friend and I have been fast-walking in preparation for our first ever Rock and Roll Marathon in Denver on May 15th. We’re ramping up the speed in order to finish a half marathon in three and a half hours.  We are already wogging at 14:30 minute/mile which is ahead of the curve.  Our goal is to complete it at 3 hours. 

5. #MayMomBlog Hop.  Join us for this month-long blog hop (one post per day on different blogs) where several blog friends and I blog about motherhood. I will be the featured blog on May 7. :)

Today’s #MayMomBlog is by @ChristineMarie_

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