1. Reading – Divergent by Veronica Roth.  (lol, yes I edited to write correct author name. sheesh.) I just started this one that has been sitting on my pile for many moons. And now it is sitting in my brain!  I was totally lost in thought over this one while waiting for the light to turn green today. So far so good! I am enjoying the dystopian genre of late and look forward to sharing my thoughts when I am through.  No spoilers, but if you read it, did you like?


2. Running – I think that I, as a marathoner in training, am crazy. I give you Exhibit A: The Long Run. Next weekend my training partner and I are slated to complete 16-18 miles. At our pace, which is getting closer to 12:00/mile (but not there yet) this means these runs are growing in duration to fall somewhere between 3-4 hours. This is assuming we can keep up that pace, which I cannot (so far). Especially since I have missed the past two long runs for different reasons. The temp outside is still in the 90s during the days for the most part, so we start our long runs before sunrise. At the rate I am (not) running, I should just have dinner, tuck kids into bed, read for an hour, then head out around 2am. Therefore, I submit that marathon training is for crazy people. I am in training for a marathon, therefore, I am crazy.

3. Really ExcitedAmerican Gods to become a movie? All I can say is that I will tune in.  This was the most bizarre book I have read in ages. I really did enjoy it, and I loved how Gaiman wove so many wild stories together, but I cannot imagine an adaptation.  It is so… involved.  This article states, “fans of the novel should expect a faithfully explicit retelling.” Um, anyone recall the scene in NYC with the cab driver?  I might tune in just to see that.  And I wonder who will play Shadow?

4. Revising – I have to say that I have been unable to click into my novel revisions in the wake of the terrible shred-inducing feedback I received last week. I do tend to be one of those people who ponders revision in my head for a while before I dig in, but knowing that so much needs to change, I am starting to feel like maybe I need to scrap the old and start again with a blank word doc and page 1.  That thought alone depresses me and makes me feel so heavy.  I wish I could tuck this one in a drawer and move on, but it won’t let me go.

Yes, I am still here:

5. Reflecting – Some milestones at my house. This month my youngest started Kindergarten. My hubs and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary (20 years dating!).

My first grader read a big-kid book to me for the first time last night. My oldest is now reading from my YA bookshelf and we’re having our own little book chats. My daughter has a birthday coming up and she asked to have a few friends over for a pizza and movie sleepover. No more bouncy house parties or pinatas. It is going by so fast.  *wipes a tear*

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  1. Boo, sad cat! Hardcore revsions can suck, especially if you’re not expecting them.

    *sends virtual cookies*

    But I know you can do it. And just think of how much more skilled you’ll be when you finish…

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