Wow, so my blog hiatus lasted a wee bit longer than expected. In the interim we’ve enjoyed Fall break, Halloween and an election here in the states. Pretty exciting stuff! 

I thought I’d get back to business and revive the Monday Memo to get my blog mojo running again.

1. Achievement!  Occasionally on the blog, I mention the work I do when I am not writing. Rowan Tree Foundation was created to support families coping after the death of a child. After 5 years of working toward this goal, my nonprofit has finally done it! Behold one of the newest specialty license plates available in Colorado effective January 2013!  So totally awesome to have this as a way to honor and remember a child, and share that with the world while you’re doing it. Locals can get them at the DMV anytime, no need to be renewing. RTF doesn’t benefit financially from the purchase of these plates. PS: Are you on facebook? Like our page, help us hit 1000 followers!


2. Netflix. My husband bought me an iPad for my birthday back in June, which has been a lot of fun. I am not a big TV watcher; not because I think it is beneath me, mind you. But because if I start watching something I will find hours have passed and I am still sitting there watching whatever is on. I cannot be trusted. So, years ago I called it quits on the TV. Then came the Netflix app on the iPad. I am completely caught up on Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. I watched a few Dr. Who episodes and now am really digging Fringe. Send help!  I need an intervention. Also, recommendations for other good shows.  Bring it.


3. Reading. I’m way behind updating my reading and sharing the good books I’ve enjoyed. I bought The Casual Vacancy when it came out, and am struggling to get through it. I put it down for a while and will try again in the future because I heard it gets better. I had such high hopes for this one. I won’t give up on Ms. Rowling just yet. Right now I am reading Second Sight: An Editor’s talks on Writing, Revising & Publishing Books for Children and Young Adults. It’s a great read, enjoyable and fluid. What are you reading?  My 10 year old just finished reading Holes. #proudmom

4. Writing. I chose to pass on NaNoWriMo this time around. I am in the final throes of the-rewrite-that-wouldn’t-end-ever and really need to focus whatever writing juju I have on finishing this baby and getting it out there. I thought this summer was it. Then I hit a plot snag. I do find, however, that whenever I find myself blocked it usually works out for the best as during the time I spend percolating on it, and not fighting with it, the solution presents itself eventually.

5. Holidays. I love the winter holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years! Yay! There are few things better than the feeling that comes this time of year. I love it when the radio stations switch to Christmas music 24×7. Love hearing the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band singing about Colorado Christmas! But every year it seems to happen earlier and earlier. Radio station has switched already. Right after Halloween. J’adore, but really? Really? Really.

Enough about me…

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