Monday Memo – 5 things I #amdoing for the week

Hello friends!

1. #amwriting I has a shiny new WIP! (That’s a work-in-progress for my non-writer blog friends.) I have struggled with my old WIP since I started it and couldn’t really get to the bottom of my problem. So, I procrastinated and I tweeted and I wrote a lot of craptastic pages.  And then one day, I woke up with witches and ghosts in my head.  It has been flowing really well and I am just so happy!

2. #amreading I used to be a one-book-at-a-timer.  But anymore, I am reading two books, and a third on my Kindle, and listening to a fourth book on my iPod.  It has been interesting because when I sit down for my little block of reading time I have a little battle with all the characters to see who stand tallest at the moment. I tend to jump in all the way when I am reading and fall in love with everything and everyone in the story, but now they are being compared apples to oranges… and I find myself being so much more critical of the stories. Do you experience this?  I am not a book blogger, so I don’t usually spend time teasing apart the details of the books I read as far as the craft goes.  Like watching a movie, I can suspend my own opinions and get sucked in. Or not. I either love it or I don’t. So this analytical eye I am using these days is rather strange to me.

3. #amblogging  I was on the tweeter last month or so and saw this blog challenge called #SHINEonline where you see if you can make a commitment to blog more regularly.  I have to say that this challenge has breathed new life into my blog.  Not because I am *that* competitive, but because of a single piece of advice that changed everything for me and blogging: Keep a blog calendar.  I have an old unused month-at-a-glance where I can jot down the topics that I am planning to blog about ahead of time.  But a printed web-calendar will do. I don’t usually write my posts ahead of time, so this has been especially helpful.  Also, when I have signed up for a blogfest or other commitment to post on a certain day about something specific, I have not missed one yet.  Thanks to my calendar.  So, if you’re struggling to stay on top of your blog, and hoping for a more orderly way to track everything you do blog about… consider a calendar.  It’s been a wonderful addition to my blogerly life.  What other blog advice do you have for me?  I am all eyes.

4. #amdownloading Movie Short Subjects.  Last night on the Oscars, there were the winners for the short subject movies.  I had seen one of them, Day and Night.  But none of the others. During his acceptance speech, the creators of “The Lost Thing” mentioned that you can find them all on iTunes.  So I am going to treat myself and download them all.  If you go to the iTunes store you’ll see a “And the Winners Are” gold and black box under the features.  “The Lost Thing” was lovely, and at the price of an app… so totally affordable.

The Lost Thing: 

5. #amlistening This week I am in love with Amos Lee and his album Mission Bell.  Just had to share… it is such a pretty album. I’m always interested in your music recommendations, so bring it on!

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