1. Oh my fabulousness!  Carolina Valdez Miller has some fabulous news and is celebrating it with what just might be the MOTHER OF ALL BLOGFESTS with GIVEAWAY GOODNESS!  First, the news: Carolina has signed with an agent.  *throws confetti and passes out the champagne*  Congratulations to you Carolina!!  Lucky for you, she is celebrating this IN STYLE with a few dozen of her blogerly friends.  You can win books and swag and a KINDLE!!  UM… #awesome  So, please go there now, and enter to win. Pop around to the other blogs and follow at will (like you’re not already following each of these blogs already, pishaw!) Enter by APRIL 1.  Here is her blog, via Instagram:

2. Books on writing.  Have you read any gems?  I have a shelf in my office dedicated solely to books on craft, and a new app on my iPhone called INSTAGRAM with which I have snapped a pic.  It is starting to get jammed with books I am going to have to find another place to use my crystal bookends. A good problem to have, I say! Right now I am reading: TECHNIQUES OF THE SELLING WRITER by Dwight V. Swain.  I will let you know how it goes.

3. Reading now:  THE ETERNAL ONES by Kirsten Miller. In case you didn’t know, this was one of the 5 books in the recent Breathless tour. I am about 1/4 into it and it is really spectacular. The story has grabbed me by the collar and is making me sit and read instead of all the other things to do around here. Her writing is beautiful and flowy in that way that makes you forget you’re actually reading.  I admit when I saw this book I thought the cover was just okay… but don’t let that keep you, friends.  This is a gem just waiting for you to peel back the cover and dive in!

4. Speaking of BLOGFESTS… Check out Brenda Drake’s “Show Me the Voice” Contest with guest Agent Natalie Fischer of the Bradford Literary Agency!  Get free critiques from your fellow blog hoppers and then WIN AN AGENT CRITIQUE from Natalie Fischer.  I had the opportunity to meet Natalie at a conference this past fall and she was the first agent I ever pitched in a pitch session.  *nervousness* Trust me when I say, she is wonderful and very nice. It is not too late to enter… it is going on NOW!

5. Instagram App on my iPhone. Holy adorable pictures!  My fabulous friend Ani unknowingly turned me on to this app when she started changing her twitter avatar. So I snuck over to the app store et voila!  Here are some things in my office that inspire me in different ways, created by Instagram in its many flavors:

 Words to live by.
This is Beatrice, she sits on my desk, looks into my eyes and says, “Now, Corinne, you know that you ought to be writing.”

A gift from my daughter.
Everyone needs a heart-shaped rock.

We all make mistakes…
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