N for Nudibranch – #atozchallenge

Noun: [nood-eh-brink]

Soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollusks which shed their shell after their larval stage. They are noted for their often extraordinary colors and striking forms. There are more than 3,000 described species of nudibranchs.

I will never forget when I discovered these creatures while reading THE HIGHEST TIDE by Jim Lynch. If you have not, then add this to your list. I remember being swept away by the descriptions of all the creatures that live in the NW coastal region of these United States. (and a pretty intense story!) I had no idea.

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The nudibranch blew me away. I googled them at the time and am still just in awe. What a weird and beautiful creature! If I had gone walking at low tide and found one of these… I would have run home and put on my foil hat, convinced the aliens were already living among us.

Enjoy… a 3:35 video education – check out what they do when they eat jellies that sting!!

My 2012 Word: Nepenthe

Today’s photoaday: your favorite color
I have two… but today it is this one:

Happy Tuesday!

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