Napping for Productivity #atozchallenge

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It’s N day and we’re at my most favorite productivity tip:


Yes, that’s right. While it might seem to be the most counter-productive thing to take a snooze when you’re busy, taking a nap has some serious benefits.

Some Benefits of Napping according to Web MD:

  • Improves memory
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces burnout
  • Helps with sleep deprivation
  • Enhances creativity
  • Improves mood
  • Improves health

 And don’t forget the best reason to nap:

  • It feels great!

There are loads of benefits to be had by slipping a power nap into your day. Some theories say a 20 minutes doze is best, while others insist an hour is the way to go. I’m a practitioner of the short nap these days, with an alarm set and the rain sounds playing. I give myself 30 minutes, ten to get settled and twenty to sleep. And I swear, it’s the cure for that afternoon drag.

My dogs know the drill. In fact, all I have to do is say “nap time” and this one runs up to bed and waits for me:


“how you doin?”

If you find yourself dragging in the afternoons, and you’re tired of chugging energy drinks and coffee to make it through, maybe it’s time to sneak away for a cat nap, or dog nap, as the case may be. It might be just the thing you need to reclaim the afternoons for productivity.

Take it from me, I’m a professional. ;)


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