Welcome to a new Urban Fantasy series I’m writing with Lisa Manifold. We’re super excited to share this story with you as it is a ton of fun to write, and it’s going to have lots to come! Right now, we have four prequel novellas, each pair goes together and can be read in any order. Book One was launched at Denver Comic Con at the end of June 2017. You don’t *have* to read the prequels to dive into book one, but more story is more better, yesno?

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Without further ado…

Fall into the world of The Aumahnee Prophecy!


There are magical Realms beyond the Human Realm which have existed for centuries. The Veil separates the Human Realm from the Fae Realm, and the other magical realms of Goblin, Dragon, and more. But all is not right in the Realms. The Goblin War is long over, yet there is still unrest among the different races.

An ancient prophecy speaks of a day when peace shall come to all the realms, but that day is not today.

There are people living in the Human Realm who act as gatekeepers for those who travel between the realms. They have one job: Protect the secret of The Veil from the humans.

The Portal Keepers and The Gimcrackers
– Prequel Novellas –

A pair of lowly bookstore owners, hiding in plain sight.
Until one day they make a mistake. Some things can’t be undone. 
A group of journalism students on a field trip investigating missing persons.
Until they stumble upon something they never expected. Some things can’t be unseen

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Gimcrackers and Portal Card

Marigold is a powerful witch whose sister Calyx is missing, and their mother is using the drama to further her political platform. Determined to reveal the truth of what happened, she sets out on her search and gets more than she bargained for.  Eamonn is part of the King’s Guard, tasked with escorting a courtier to her destination when he is called to aid someone in distress.  But someone is pulling the strings on a scheme that will impact his life forever.

Marigold’s Tale and Eamonn’s Tale
– Prequel Novellas – 

A fae warrior, disgraced and alone.
A powerful witch, fighting to right a wrong.
Little do they know what lies ahead for them both.

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Watchers of the Veil
– Book One –

Marigold’s sister has fallen in with the wrong sort of bad-news guy and Marigold is determined to rescue her.
Newly appointed Captain of the Watchers, Eamonn discovers someone is killing the men on his watch.
When a series of events bring Marigold and Eamonn together, they must join forces to get to the bottom of this mystery entangling them both.

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