June 11, 2008

Once upon a time, I worked in the television advertising industry in NYC. And one day, I had to be on the set of a popular talk show (where the blonde hostess wore these gigantic red-framed glasses). On this day, I got to see the woman behind the ruby frames. She threw an F-bomb right at someone – right in front of my eyes! I have never been the same since. I can still recall the internal struggle I was having with the part of my brain that knew this sweet lady who was on the TV. Lettuce just agree that she was not the sweetest berry on the vine, ok?

Since then, I have forever been intrigued by the opportunities we have to catch glimpses of TV personalities and other celebs in moments of pure truth. I wonder where she is now… I must research her! But until then, you have got to love this guy:

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