On writing book number two.

When I wrote my first manuscript, it seemed to just fall out of my head.  The idea had been fermenting in my brain for literally ten years before I put fingers to keyboard.  Writing it was still an epic amount of work, and took a year and six drafts, but the flow was endless.

Writing my second book is a completely different experience so far. This new book is unrelated to the first and having trashed my first draft, I am now about 1200 words into draft two. The opening scene keeps changing for the better.   But I’m having trouble pantsing this time around and it is killing me! After two scenes I realize I need to stop writing and start plotting.  I am realizing that I don’t understand my characters’ motivation deeply enough yet. 

So of course, I am stalling.  Last night, I wrote a page and then baked a batch of cupcakes. (they tasted fabulous and are even better for breakfast.)  But shortly after eating that tasty trio I was falling deeply into a sugar coma and off to sleep.

So, I am here to promise the I will stop dissing my book and get back to work. There, now I have guilt, which is fuel for the desperate writer.

If any of you have some insight to jump start once again… I am all eyes.

In other news:

I won one of the four contests I mentioned on Monday!  That’s right!  Paula Kay McLaughlin was one of the bloggers hosting an awesome Give-It-Forward (click here for a list of the other contests as they get added) contest for THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson. And now that I am winner, you know what that means?  That’s right! I’ll be giving away a copy on my blog within a few weeks of me receiving the book. *throws confetti*

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