P-Town, Day 4

And so it is already Thursday and I am sitting here in my little house wondering where the time has gone. I am still so immersed in my writing, in spite of the incredible weather we’ve been enjoying here in Provincetown.  There is nothing quite like having completely free time in which to write and then planning to only write within that time.  I’m working on becoming more disciplined with writing time.  I hope to bring some of that home with me.

I have been taking daily rides into town on my borrowed one-speed fat-tire bicycle. It’s electric blue and white and the springs in the wide leather seat squeak like an old mattress over every bump in the road. I love it though, and will miss riding it.  One of my fellow workshoppers said that she sees me riding past her house every day and says I look like the happiest person, just riding by. I confess that I am! I have always been a believer in alone time, but now I might have to expand upon that and say that it is important to get away alone so you can completely recharge.  Here is something I found at the wharf:  (I brought my camera, but forgot the little upload cable, so you’re stuck with iPhone pics until I get home.)


During our lunch break today, I stayed at the Mailer House in order to get some work done on my “Step Sheet”, which is a new (to me) plotting and planning tool that Lenore introduced me to.  I walked out into the shallows during low tide and had a terrific discussion with the other writers about potential titles to another’s novel.

I find that I am consistently drawn to other writers’ planning methods. My own outlining and white-board plotting is useful but seems to get me only so far. It has been educational to hear the other fabulous women in this group talk about their planning tools and tips.

I’ve rewritten the first chapters of my witchy novel this week and will be getting back to work on it in a few minutes. I am truly amazed at the progress I’ve made in writing this piece while here at the Mailer Center.  Workshopping my novel in this way has given me insights beyond anything I could have imagined.

Lenore Hart, our instructor for this program, is brilliant. Aside from being a lovely person and very funny (and so honest yet kind when giving feedback) – she is a gift. I remain overwhelmed a bit at how fortunate I am to be here. Her ability to explain the hows and the whys of whatever we’re discussing has me scribbling furious notes attempting to quote her. I wonder if she knows how eloquently she captures the essence of craft when she is speaking about it to us.

The group has come together beautifully.  We are writing such different pieces, of course, but the conversations we’ve been having as we critique and share ideas leaves me wanting so much more. I wish this was a two week program! 

I have to get back to work. My piece is going to be reviewed again – maybe tomorrow, and I want to keep chipping away at the pages until it is just right.

I’ve got about 4 more hours to work until the sun sets this evening. I’ll be taking a ride down to the wharf to see if I can catch it tonight.  Then back to work again until bed time. *sigh*

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