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Tim Grahl, the founder of Out:Think and the author of Your First 1000 Copies, is a book marketing genius. He hosted a class last summer called Instant Bestseller that changed the way I think about success and failure. One of the biggest takeaways from all of his classes to date has been the idea of having an Experimental Mindset: Try everything, keep what works, and if it doesn’t work – that’s not a failure… it’s just not the right fit at this time.

Talk about empowering.

So, for P day in the A-to-Z, I’d like to share how I’ve translated that into my daily thinking.

Pivot When Things Aren’t Working

The ability to switch gears without losing momentum is huge. The idea of pivoting isn’t about jumping from project to project, leaving a stream of incomplete work in your wake. It’s about letting go of what isn’t working and taking a different approach.

Allowing yourself to change your approach when you hit a road block will help you maintain progress.

I’ve said it before: Productivity isn’t just about output. It’s also about time management and momentum. It’s also a mind game.

Taking on a project knowing that you have the ability to pivot and shift helps combat fear. Knowing that when something doesn’t work it is not a failure–it’s just not a good fit, helps keep motivation high and keeps your head in the game.

Do you find it easy to pivot?


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