It’s a funny thing to be in this window of time right before my first book is released. My wonderful formatter is working on the final interior. My amazing cover designer is doing the final magic with the print version. And I am sitting here with my mug of tea in hand, wondering what I am supposed to be doing today book#1-wise.

The ebook will come out first. I’m hoping by the 15th, but I am told there are vagaries associated with launching a debut and I can’t control the exact moment when the book goes live on the various retail sites. I’m okay with that, oddly, having relinquished my vice grip on this whole process. I realize I made that sound like a peaceful thing—that relinquishing—but anyone who knows me will understand there was much flailing, talking to myself, and some hyperventilating involved.

By the end of the month, the paperback will be ready to go. After that, in November, I’ve got a blog tour scheduled where I’ll be doing a lot of promotion. But between now and then, I feel like I’m in this strange limbo where I’m not allowed to touch my book. And that thought, when it comes, is all-consuming.

No more editing. No more proofreading. No more typo seeking. No more tweaking that one. last. thing.

There’s something freeing and absolutely frightening about the permanence of this.  I don’t mean to say that errors in the text can’t be remedied. They can. I’m talking about the fact that once the book is out there … its out there. And out there is wide open and so … out there! There is no turning back.

I suppose the best thing to do is get cracking on book #2. I have so much planned for the second book!

For today, though, I think I’ll enjoy the relative quiet.


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