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Over the course of this month I’ve been sharing all these tidbits and tips to help with productivity, each time tempering the tool with a dose of reality.

It’s important to maintain perspective when you’re making changes in your habits, because perfection in this, as with most things, is a myth.

More importantly, don’t give up if things go off the rails. Just start over and try again, stick with what works and ignore the things that don’t feel natural to you.

Productivity Perfection is like a Unicorn

It’s fitting that I’m posting today’s U post two days late. I had my idea for today’s post noted and ready to go, but I just couldn’t get it written. And that’s just how it goes sometimes.

Like all things, when you’re taking on new practices in an attempt to get organized, remember that it isn’t going to be perfect. And that’s ok.

I pride myself in being able to get stuff done and keep organized, but I’d be lying if I said it was always smooth sailing. Some days, I just can’t get it together. Other days, I feel like I have missed the mark completely. ¬†Some says, I just need a break.

But then there’s those days when I feel like I can take on the world! Those are the times I am inspired and have clarity. My goal is to have as many of those as possible.


How do you approach the missteps in your progress? 

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    1. Me too! I’m just getting over a couple of no control days. I knew they were coming, and I still feel all out of whack as a result. Tomorrow is a new day!

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