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Query Paranoia - Corinne O'Flynn
January 6, 2011

So, my manuscript is in the hands of a few agently people who may or may not actually be reading it at this moment.  Therefore, any wails of horror and bits of advice being extolled via their agent blogs, facebook, and twitter pages must be a result of having gazed upon my dreadful work, right?

Gosh… and here I thought I’d handle the query phase with such grace.

Turns out, not so much.

The good news is that my new WIP is absolutely reaping the benefits of my nervous energy.  I am plotting and planning and finding fabulous new names for all of the characters whose lives shall be pushed over the edge before their little eyes.  mua aha ahhhhh!

Anyway, I was wondering what you all do to deal with this bizarre certainty that all the agent advice and what-no-to-do is aimed secretly at you.  Because this is something you deal with, right?  Daily. Constant. Fretting.

The little voice inside says relax, just disconnect the computer and write in peace again.  But then how will I know when all of these agently people need to reach me if I can’t check my email!

Let the fun begin.

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  1. Daily fretting during querying, heck yes!

    Thinking what-not-to-dos are aimed at me? Not so much. I learned a long time ago that people think about me far, far less then I think they do. I do my research and try to be professional and that eliminates most of the worst dangers.

    (That said, I once sent an editor tea in a query. Years later when I learned how silly that was, I was mortified. Live and learn. *grin*)

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