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Quiet Space for Productivity #atozchallenge - Corinne O'Flynn

a-to-z HEADER [2015] - april

We’re surrounded by constant noise. Audible noise and visual noise… it’s everywhere and it’s cluttering our minds. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling frustrated and irritated by a lack of focus, unable to visualize your goals clearly, I might have just the thing you need:

Quiet Space

Imagine taking your notebook and a pen and finding a quiet corner somewhere just to think. This can’t be at your desk with your computer and papers, or with your phone on your person, and not in a crowded cafe. I’m talking about you and a pen and paper and a blank wall, a garden bench, your kitchen table, or the corner of your room sitting on the floor.

Go to this space with a purpose.

Plan to spend this time thinking through what you’re working on. Take short notes about whatever pops into your head. Set a timer. Keep your mind on your projects and the goals you need to meet this day, this week, this month. It’s like an active meditation that gets you recharged, clear-headed, and focused. And it really works!

Giving yourself dedicated quiet space where your purpose is to get clarity and vision does wonders for those of us (and I think there are a lot of you out there) who battle the cluttered mind.

Do you seek out purpose-drive quiet space?

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    1. Me too! While I love being social when I am in the mood, I absolutely love my solitude and uninterrupted work time. I’m grateful my kids (generally) let me work when I have to.

  1. That’s a pretty hard thing to find. The nearest I get is out walking the dogs, luckily we have some nice fields round us where they don’t have many distractions (they hate lorries, bikes, etc). If they run around, then I could sit with a pen and paper.

    1. Hooray for walking dogs! You don’t have to leave your house. I think it’s just as valuable to move to a new spot in your house that isn’t your work space. :)

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