I’ve got a guest blog today over at my friend Stuart Nager’s. He’s got a series going on about Creativity to which I have added my voice. Lots of neat posts there from so many perspectives on creativity.  I’d love to hear from you over there.

The holidays have arrived and the kids are home from school until Jan 2.  We’ve got the Holiday TV Special schedule printed out by the couch. We’ve read the Polar Express and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Wonder what book the kids will choose tonight? 

Gone are the schedules and the calendar full of stuff. I’ve decided to heed the call of the holiday break and take a little working vacation myself.

I’ve promised myself that I’ll get through this last round of edits on my novel by January 1.  Back when I made this proclamation it was November and time seemed so abundant!  Now I see the need to step away from the procrastination-inducing distractions that lurk behind my word document and hunker down.  

I’m going to grab my netbook and step out of my cave for to the change scenery.

I’m going to sit in the big chair by the fire with the dogs.

I’m going to catch up on my giant dusty reading pile.

and watch Pride and Prejudice mini-series.

There will be banana bread.

and Peach Amazing.

and tea.

I’ll be back.  :)

I leave you with this:

10 Pieces of Advice from Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Can Transform Your Life

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  1. I need to get back into some writing the way I was for NaNo. I’ve written 2K so far in December and want to have the first draft done by end of January. Need to kick it up a notch. But first, tea.

  2. *Mayday Allen* It is peach jam on bread, not peach bread. Although, a recipe for that sounds divine. Must google that.

    Thanks everyone. I was worried I would feel so lonely offline for a while (and confess I can’t step away 100% due to work) but it has been a nice change.

    And yes, Joshua – tea first.

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