August 28, 2008

You want to know something? I think we all have the capacity to be really nasty people. I think that deep inside many of us would like nothing more than to speak our minds when we are feeling put upon, wronged, or slighted. The little devil on the shoulder shouts for us to speak out if we are ever treated in any way other than that to which we sense we are entitled. All of the time. You want to know something else? You can’t. Well, at least you shouldn’t, and when you do – that moment should be chosen in the same way that you might choose to pick your battles. Is it worth it; that moment of feeling that you’re on top? For putting someone in their place? Making them feel small? The answer is probably always going to be “no”, especially when you’re on camera. I was reading news about Solange Knowles, the lesser known of the Knowles talent dynasty. She has a new album coming out, her first? I have no idea. I should know, because I read the whole article, twice. But, I just could not get past the first minute of this interview: http://www.fox5vegas.com/video/17313509/index.html What is Miss Knowles the Younger thinking? Does she imagine that we’re going to sit back and cheer – “You Go Solange? Way to put that stupid no-name tv news anchor in her place! Way to stand up for the rights of all celebrities who must sit through those inane and endless interviews to hawk your over-mixed faux retro album to the masses? I am going to run out RIGHT NOW and download your album two times!” Because that is not what I am thinking at all. Imagine being her publicist… here you are thinking that you have a diamond in the rough just waiting to shine for all the world to see and here she goes.. her interview with a jaunty hostess on the news… and … wait, what… what is she… oh my god… someone get me a cocktail, and my yogi.

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