Summertime.  Kids are out of school.  Carnival is in town.  Pool is open.  BBQ parties.  Kites.  Camping. Bike rides.

It is getting harder to find time to write.

I am not complaining.  My family and my life beyond my writing desk come first.  But anymore I get itchy when I am not writing daily.  After last week’s attempts turning into Seven Days of Nothing, I have just now sat at my desk and opened my calendar and slated some time this week just for writing.  Most of it these slots happen after 9pm, and that is perfectly fine.  But I find that only after making it official by adding it to the calendar as my time for writing, am I able to make good on my promise.

Last week was a series of missed time.  I woke up every morning and said out loud that I would give myself an hour to work through this scene, that area of rewrite, or that new chapter in my head.  Every night last week I went to bed without even opening my manuscript.

I am hoping to see some change tonight, now that it is official and all.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how I do.

What helps you stay on with your writing?

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  1. It’s sort of touch and go with me this summer. I’ve told myself I’m going to enjoy these next couple months with the fam (write when/where I can) and then be more dilligent when school starts again.

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