Review: Silent Words by Fournier and Lajeunesse

Welcome to Novel Publicity‘s Review Only Tour for Silent Words by Chantal Fournier (Author) and Nicolas Lajeunesse (Illustrator). Read the reviews and win some great prizes for following along as we introduce you to Zelda and her world of words.

I am enchanted by this picture book. The artwork is unique and beautiful and pulled me in immediately to Zelda’s world. Zelda is a busy girl with so much going on in her head that she talks and talks to her loving parents about every single thing.

Until one day when tragedy strikes and she loses her ability to use her words. Zelda withdraws into her own space, but her words keep piling up around her. Eventually Zelda finds a way to use her words on a journey of discovery, ultimately finding her way through to hope.

My kids enjoyed reading this book with me, and liked the illustrations. The images captured their imagination and they thought the word clouds were cool. As a parent, it is nice to find a book that doesn’t shy away from sad subjects in order to tell a story about strength and hope, and finding your power.

Finally, as someone who works in the bereavement world, I am always on the lookout for books and tools to share with children who are struggling to find their voice after tragedy. I like the positive message in the book and how Zelda had to find her own way through to realization in the end.

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Zelda loves to talk. She always asks a million questions and her head is full of words like apple, bunny, cartwheel and dwizzledoodle. But when a sudden storm turns Zelda’s world upside down, all her words go silent. Zelda must embark on a quest across mountains, forests and oceans to find her parents—and her voice.

This moving tale about loss and hope will tug at your heartstrings. Author Chantal Fournier’s poetic storytelling style and illustrator Nicolas Lajeunesse’s evocative artwork combine to create a poignant story in which a child discovers comfort in the power of words.




TogetherChantal Fournier (Author)

Originally from a small-ish city not too far from Montreal, I now live in Toronto, Canada, after a long stint on the beautiful Canadian West Coast, where I taught French to university students.

Silent Words, the story of a girl floating on a peculiar cloud, is my debut book. It is the fruit of a long collaboration with my artistic husband, Nicolas.

Nicolas Lajeunesse (Illustrator)

As the son of a sculptor and the grandson of a painter, art has always been a part of my life. After studying filmmaking in Montreal and working with my father for a few years, I left my French-Canadian roots and headed for the West Coast, where I discovered digital arts.

I live in Toronto, Canada, with my wife and family.


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