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Reward Yourself for Productivity

I used to think it was silly when friends would attempt to fake themselves out with prizes in order to get things done. For example, they’d buy a ridiculous designer cupcake and then place it on the table in full view, but not allow themselves to partake until they finished whatever had to get done.

I mean… you really could just promise to get the job done *after* you enjoy that tasty treat… right? But I think we all know part of the problem of self-imposed goals and deadlines is holding ourselves accountable. ¬†What’s the point of dangling a carrot, or cupcake, to myself?

Then I tried it.

Most days, I have a complete itinerary of appointments, calls, writing, chores, and misc. tasks that, once completed, don’t really amount to anything that can be visibly appreciated. Aside from the crossed-off line items on my list, it’s sometimes a wee bit of a let-down after a wildly productive day to have nothing to actually show for it.

This is where rewards come in. Setting aside something special as a personal reward can do wonders to get you motivated. For me, it’s earning the right to watch the next episode of whatever show I’m into on Netflix. (Side note: You must watch Bloodline on Netflix!)

Spending your work time getting it done, and then celebrating with the reward of your choosing develops momentum, and fosters a feeling of satisfaction when you might otherwise feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Give it a try!

Do you use a reward system for yourself?

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    1. Shiny new ideas are their own reward!! You go! My sister recently gave me a puzzle that is calling to me. But I have a 3-D NYC puzzle on the table that is *not* calling me, but taking up space. ;)

  1. I don’t have a formal reward system, aside from getting to write down letters on my calendar of goal tracking. Not quite sure what I’d use. Food treats wouldn’t be good, especially since sometimes I know I need the treat in advance or I won’t be productive at all.

    1. I keep a goal-tracking calendar as well. I use stickers to keep me visually on task. :) I am not motivated by food in that way. I’m not a sweets eater, and while I love a scone with my tea, that’s almost blasphemy to deny myself, LOL!

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