Of late, (and when I say late I mean months), I’ve been holed up in my writerly cave, toiling away at this rewrite. I was in the final throes. It was right there. So close I could taste it. 
And then I stalled, trying to wrap my brain around yet another sticky point. I organized cabinets. Did laundry. Started crocheting again. The whole time thinking about the ending of the book. Writing it in my head.

Then… like manna from the gods, an email arrived from a Ninja inviting me to the dojo for some writing sprints and hanging out.  Not a ninja? You’re cordially invited…

And like that, I found my mojo and finished the rewrite. I fought through. I absolutely would. not. stop. I was the Writing Terminator on a mission to slay this book.

Shout out to the Ninjas!!  In almost no time I’ve moved from the writing and editing dojo to the query dojo. And I just realized I forgot to check-in yesterday to report my progress.

Anyway, the fun is just about to begin because…
..:* BEHOLD *:.. 
*beams at the pile of completed novel pages*
When I say fun, I mean the dry-mouth sick to your stomach skin crawly feeling you get when you send your book off to the beta readers that have been waiting so patiently to dig in and give you feedback on the whole shebang and you just want to throw yourself off the nearest cliff and hide forever as a cave dweller perfecting recipes for consuming insects and working on your mass of impressively long body hair. 
I keep telling myself that this gets easier. One day I’ll look back and chuckle condescendingly at how nerve-wracking I let this whole putting-it-out-there thing become, right?  Surely the next book won’t be this hard to share… *sigh*
Good luck book!  I’ll read you again in a few weeks. *smooches*
PS – I can’t get enough of these:

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