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Scenes from my first conference @ SCBWI Denver - Part I - Corinne O'Flynn

I had the good fortune to attend SCBWI in Denver a week + ago and have so much to share!  And then I came home and sat at my desk and proceeded to rework a few things in my ms as a result of all the wonderful things I learned while conferencing with so many awesome writerly and illustratorly folk.

Major blog fail, but c’est la vie.

Unlike many of the other writers out there in blogland, I seem to lack the ability to write and blog (and tweet and comment) at the same time.  And so here I am, a whole eight days after my planned post day and I must say, I am still soaring from all the awesomeness that was SCBWI!

Major props go out to the awesome team of volunteers who put the conference on.  I didn’t know what to expect and it was really stellar.

Denise Vega put on a terrific pre-conference presentation called Children’s Publishing 101 that was totally awesome and while it might have been review for most people who have been around a while, it opened my eyes to a lot of really excellent and important points I did not know about publishing in the children’s market today.  Good stuff!  Denise is also really awesome and did a workshop on tension that I will expand upon later. 

The keynote address was delivered by the one and only Bruce Coville.  Now, if you have not had a chance to see this man speak in person, you must add this to your list of things to do before you die.  Not kidding. Go now.  Subscribe to get his news so you can stalk him.  I laughed, I cried, I actually took some notes!  He spoke about the Seven Deadly Sins of biblical proportions and then rehashed that into the Seven Deadly Sins for Writers.  The only one from the original list that made it to the new list was Sloth, the antidote for which is: assglue.

I have so much more to share and yet it is 9pm and that is the beginning of my writing time.  I am in the final phase of line edits on the last two chapters of my ms and cannot – will not – be derailed.

Stay tuned for more conference bits, assuming I have enough of that glue to get my work done.


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