How do you feel about posting parts of your ms online?  I was on the QueryTracker forum and started a new post in the “first five pages” board.  I was so excited, I copied and pasted my pages… and then I sat there.  For a long time. Then I deleted it.

I tried it again later… *delete*

What’s up with that?  

I am not afraid of critical feedback on my work, truly.  I have shared my YA ms with load of friends and a couple of YAs.  I have received feedback both good and bad, and taken some of the advice and changed some things.  So, I don’t think it is fear of critique.

Is it fear of theft?  I am not under the delusion that my stuff is so fantabulous that someone will immediately see the genius and abscond with my first five pages, but then again I can’t bring myself to post even a blurb here.  Any psych majors out there care to chime in?

Do you post parts of your WIP online?  How much do you share?  Or do you also suffer from share-my-work-a-phobia?

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