I’ve been taking some time off from blogging for summer, but I received an invitation from my friend Damyanti to take part in a special blogfest.  The Cherished Blogfest:along with Dan Antion , Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat, she invited us to talk about objects we cherish, and why.


For me, many came to mind: the letters my mother wrote me while she was dying, the first photos of me holding my children as newborns, the box of mementos I keep for my deceased daughter, my wedding rings, print copies of books I’ve read over and again, the first printed proof copy of my first novel, the medal from my first marathon, a metal starfish figurine given to me by a friend… I think it’s fair to say that everyone could make a long list.

But when I think of things I’d consider “cherished”, it’s not the objects themselves so much as the emotions and memories they trigger.  Which, I guess is the point.

I cherish the love my mom poured out on paper for posterity when she knew she wouldn’t always be able to tell me in person how she felt. I love having these words in her own handwriting. I want to make sure each of our kids has handwritten letters from us.

cherished 002I cherish the photos of those first moments when my children arrived in this world because they bring me back in time to a place full of wonder and deep relief.

I cherish the footprints and the lock of hair from the child we lost as bittersweet reminders of the saddest and most amazing gifts in this life.

cherished 007

I cherish my wedding rings for all they symbolize, but mostly because they represent that fact that we’re in this together. <3

cherished 008

I cherish the nostalgia that comes from brand new copies of Pillars of the Earth, Outlander, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Pride and Prejudice in my house because I’m always giving away my copies! Notice I don’t even have a copy of each at the moment. ;)

cherished 009

I cherish the sense of achievement and overcoming fear when I hold that first copy of my first printed book.


I cherish my marathon medal as a reminder that most goals take lots of work, are better with good friends, and even then don’t always go as planned (and sometimes go totally of the rails), and that’s ok.

cherished 005

I cherish this little starfish because it came to me as a thank you from a new friend after I helped her out. It was a project I didn’t have time for, and had no business taking on at the time, but it really made a difference to her (and to me, in the end). In the card that accompanied it, she wrote, “How does it feel to be the answer to a prayer?” I keep this starfish on my desk as a reminder that kindness matters and it is always the right time and the right choice to help someone out if you can.

cherished 001


Thanks for reading about my list of cherished things. You can visit the rest of the blogs taking part in the tour here.

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  1. Such lovely objects, and attached emotions, Corinne. It is all about the emotions– which is why the blogfest is about cherished objects–because they lead to emotions. What better way for us to know one another than share our emotions? :)

    Thankyou for this lovely post.

    1. Thank you Damyanti. I enjoyed writing this post and sharing some personal things. Afterward, the day was spent in a lot of introspection. Powerful blogfest.

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