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It’s almost midnight on the first Wednesday, and so I have a little while yet to write my IWSG post for this month.

Finding Balance and Staying True to the Plan.

When it comes to my writing and publishing career, something that I face on a regular basis is staying on plan. I have meetings with myself to regroup and make sure that I’m tending to the things that need tending for my career plan. But being a writer in today’s world doesn’t mean only writing.

There are so many things vying for attention. Amazing communities and groups, writing projects and events available to take part in, there are invitations to join in on things and requests for help from people who need a nudge or some guidance or to borrow a skill set. There are marketing ideas and promo opportunities. All of these things are useful and worthwhile.

But they all take time.

How do you maintain a balance in all the things while staying in tune and current, connected to your communities, being helpful, and still writing and marketing your work?

I do know that being mindful has helped me stay on task. I have a plan for the year and there are certain goals I am working to hit. And for the most part, I am able to let whatever I’m contemplating be framed against that. Having a plan is like having a great filter. It keeps me doing the things that help me stay true to the plan.

But there is always that little whisper: What if the plan needs adjusting so you can do this or that? It’s such a weird vibe for me. I don’t tend to focus on what if. And yet, there it is.

So, I’m curious to know if anyone else experiences this, or if I sound crazy! ;)

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  1. Having a plan in the first place is a good plan! And not neglecting our writing because then we would not have awesome stories to promote in the first place. I think we are all on a constant search for balance.

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