The Artist’s Way: Deep Thoughts from Pg xxiii

Listening to my darling friend S talk about doing this program with her friend in a far away land, I picked up a copy of The Artist’s Way and decided to give it a go. If I know anyone who is struggling with creativity, it is me.  I started reading it this morning. And while I look at the cover and wonder where I have seen this before, I know I have not read it.

I am on page xxiii where Julia Cameron, the author, is talking about her own journey to bring this book and the program into the world and she writes:  (emphasis mine)

     One minute I was walking in the West Village on a cobblestone street with beautiful afternoon light. The next minute I suddenly knew that I should begin teaching people, groups of people, how to unblock. Maybe it was a wish exhaled on somebody else’s walk. Certainly Greenwich Village must contain a greater density of artists–blocked and otherwise–than nearly anyplace else in America.
     “I need to unblock,” someone may have breathed out.
     “I know how to do it,” I may have responded, picking up my cue.

Holy cow!

How often have you closed your eyes and opened your heart to ask the Universe for something…a solution to a tangible issue, courage, guidance, or love, and were blessed enough to see it come to you at some point down the road in unexpected ways? Do you call that coincidence? 

I don’t like that word because it takes us humans out of the equation – and that doesn’t make any sense when we ARE all the equations. I am a huge believer in asking for what you need and doing what you can to manifest your dreams spiritually… but I have never really thought about it from the other side. 

What if the things that you feel called to do are actually responses to someone else’s wish whispered in the breeze? Are you thinking at this point in time that perhaps Miss Corinne needs to stop going to Hot Yoga all the time? This little sentence made my heart race and made my hands get all sweaty.

We’re all connected!

I feel like I just bit into a York Peppermint Patty.

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