I read this today, and feel like the world has gone completely mad. In this article, A father of three was in a park in the UK taking pictures of his younger two having fun on an inflatable slide. Instead of enjoying the vision of an involved dad taking some candids of his boys, he is labeled a pervert who is likely going to use those pictures on the Internet, darkly.

I recall but as yet cannot locate another news story from the past that totally freaked me out. The gist of it was that a father was changing his son’s diaper, and while he did this, he blew a raspberry on the child’s belly. This was caught on camera by the wife. When the film was processed at a local shop, the shop keeper called the authorities because this was clearly unnatural, and these parents were bombarded by child services who removed from their children and I think they did time for 18 months – because of what amounts to a rush-to-judgment and hysteria. Has anyone read this one? It is a couple of years old by now.

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