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The enormity of it all - Corinne O'Flynn

This week marks a pair of amazing events that will forever change two families, and through association, me and so many of their friends. One couple is in Africa preparing to meet their son and bring him home, and another is in the hospital peeping over the edge of the blankets to get acquainted with one of the newest humans in the state of Colorado. My heart is full for the enormity of it all. A family being made, a family growing… What both families have in common, aside from being friends themselves and their incredible new additions, is the death of their much wanted children in the past. Kinda takes you a bit deeper there, doesn’t it? Too many of us have to deal with the death of our own child. The pain we faced there in that moment is like no other. It leaves a mark. Nothing will erase it, ease it… you just get used to it. Learn to wear it without stooping (eventually). My heart is full for the enormity of it all. What a magical moment in time.

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