Tuesday Memo – 5 Things for today

Some updates for you on this glorious day since I was out of commission yesterday!

  • #PAIN – So nobody told me that the 2nd day after the marathon would be the most painful.  I am quite sore today but coping through it with a giant grin on my face because I FINISHED A FREAKING MARATHON to earn this. 26.2 miles  baby!  It wasn’t pretty but I am SO proud, still just beaming. *rubs soreness* *confirms massage appointment* Advice I wish I’d followed: Pace Yourself.


  • #RevisionLove – Hard to believe but life in revision land has bumped up a few notches from this: 

to this:

That’s right!  After a fabulous round of great feedback from my critique partners I am starting to feel like I am in the groove with this novel, finally. Final Draft… I OWN YOU.

  • The #REN3 Blogfest is about to roll into week 2, with installments being posted on Wednesday as the calendar rolls onto the 12th around the globe. I’m excited by the feedback on my post GODWIN’S TALE: READ IT HERE, and totally stoked to share the next installment with you all tomorrow. I Hope you’ll come back to read and leave a comment.  There are 69 of us competing in this over the 4 weeks of October. So awesome reading all the entries.

  • #Grateful Tuesday – Just wanted to give a shout out to my family and friends, tweeps, and writer friends and blog buddies. I am grateful to be surrounded by some of the most wonderful people who support me in all of my adventures. So fortunate to be able to live this life and follow my dreams. *heart swells*

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