May 24, 2008

Have you ever experienced a situation where you felt passionately about something so deeply that you bought-in, began supporting it in every way, and even felt a community bond with the others who were also involved only to find that not everyone really cares all that much about it?

It can be jarring to have the veil pulled away from your eyes. It leaves me feeling like an idiot because I cannot get involved in anything that does not tug on my heart, and when I do find those things that compel me from deep inside my soul, I jump in with both feet (a personality flaw, perhaps).

Over the years, there have been many of these moments of realization, and each one has left its mark. I liken it to the feeling I get when I get the report from my newsletter company for my charity newsletter and there is an “unsubscribe” reported there. Gosh, that smarts! I want to say, “What gives? I thought we had more between us than that.” It reminds me of that book title He’s Just Not That Into You.

Can it be that base and simple? I hope not. I might fall over into the abyss of cynicism and lose all faith in humanity. When there is something that drives my passion, I know I will be one beating my dead horse for some time before admitting defeat.

I was talking about this just last night when a friend mentioned that she wanted to be kept in the loop on the RTF event that is coming up. Understanding that her interest might be just for the short term, I said that I would add her to my mailing list – but she should feel no pressure stay on it after the event and could unsubscribe whenever she liked. She laughed and said, “Oh, I’d just delete you if I didn’t want to read anymore.” Perfect! This made me laugh out loud. At least she would spare me the one-sided emotional dip when I am faced with the cold and uncaring email report that she wants to break up with me.

Maybe I am reading too much into it. Reading too much into everything? Is everything in this world becoming as simple as opt-in and opt-out? Is the safe and anonymous unsubscribe button becoming a way for people to say, “I don’t have to explain, defend, or care anymore.”


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  1. Yes, I think more and more things in our lives are opt-in/opt-out. For example evites. Before someone would send out an invitation in the mail, and you would call to RSVP. Now you just click a button, no human contact. I also notice when other people just opt-out of things, I think to myself how can they not care as much as I do?

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