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Visibility, Want, and (no) eXcuses! The #atozchallenge on Productivity - Corinne O'Flynn

a-to-z HEADER [2015] - april

We’re in the home stretch of the a-to-z and today we’ve got a 3-fer!

V for Keep Your Goals Visible

All this talk about writing your goals down and making sure you keep track of your next actionable steps would amount to nothing if you filed your to-do list away. I’m re-reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done (newly updated and re-released 2015) and I’m reminded that this of one of the main tenets of his system. The key to identifying your optimal method of capturing your do-do lists will depend on how you manage your day. If a paper notebook is the tool that you’ll be sure to look at and use, then that’s the one for you. I use Evernote for details and Nozbe for quick to-dos. And I access these apps all day long. Keeping your goals and action items where you’ll see them is key.

W for You Have to Want It

It doesn’t matter how many different productivity and organizing tips and tricks you employ on your journey through life if you don’t have that underlying desire to make it happen.  Staying organized so you can be productive takes effort. You have to want it. But the key is to find the tools that require the least effort for you, so you’ll stick with them. If you get caught up in a complicated system that requires more effort to use than the tasks you’re tracking… you need to reevaluate. So, experiment and try new things. And as always, keep what works, toss the rest.

X for No eXcuses!

On the heels of our W above. If you want it… then it’s on you to make it happen. Don’t make excuses. Just go for it. Stay positive. Plan for slow days. Allow setbacks. But most of all… keep moving forward. One of my favorite things I learned in the past year was one I shared earlier this month and it bears repeating. It’s Tim Grahl‘s idea of having an Experimental Mindset.  You know that inspirational quote that asks what you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Well, let go of that fear. Reframe the idea of failure and success into the notion that you’re out there trying all kinds of things, and you’re just going to see what works. It’s all a great experiment. It’s exciting. And it’s gratifying. So, no excuses. Just go.


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