So I totally promised myself I’d get back on a schedule with my blog and start posting on M-W-F. I got off to a roaring great start on Monday! And yet here we are on Thursday and I only got one post this week. Oh well, I resolved long ago to let this blog happen as inspiration comes and try my best to maintain some semblance of a routine. Darn inspiration…

I could have stayed up late last night and shared the amazing experience I had, but by the time I got home there were weights hanging from my eyelids and it was all I could do to switch on my electric blanket before drifting off to sleep.

Anyway… last night I saw this:


source: http://www.warhorseonstage.com/photos

I knew before I went that I had the capacity to fall in love with a puppet. From my early days with Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street and Sherlock the Squirrel on The Magic Garden, and, of course,  The Muppets.

But I wondered how they would pull horses off on stage. I’d seen photos of these horses and I wasn’t sold. They look so… skeletal. But holy smokes, people – nothing could have prepared me for the emotional ride that is War Horse. Heart-wrenching story aside, the puppeteers managing all the animals in this production blew me away.

It is in Denver, CO at the moment. If you’re nearby, you should try to get tickets. It isn’t sold out for some insane reason. Take that as a sign meant only for you. I am in awe remembering how the gangly foal puppet of Joey caught my attention early on, and then the life-size Joey just knocked me back into my seat. And Topthorn. And Albert.  *sigh*

And the singing… haunting.

The story of a boy and his horse, his father and the war is powerful. The production, simply magical. The puppeteering so masterful that I started to not see those fully-grown adult humans who were standing right on the stage.

The whole show is just amazing. My friend and I choked back our emotions as the stunning display just kept on wowing us.


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  1. My daughters (12 & 13), MIL and I watched this over the summer. We loved it. I can’t imagine how beautiful it must have been on stage!

    Unfortunately, I’m in CA, so viewing this isn’t a possibility. Maybe it will come our way next!!!

  2. I started the book and struggled a little because it was from the point of view of the horse and I just didn’t ‘buy’ it/get it. I might have to pick it up again. It might be worth a comparison. I have heard such great things about this play and the movie, too. I’m so glad you had fun. What a blast to take a break and go see a play! Best:)

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