Wednesday Word: Synchronicity

OK, before I talk about synchronicity, you have to click the link above and hop over to Paul Nylander’s website to check out his Animated Gear Art. The images are spinning in real time on his page and just mind blowing and beautiful.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Pretty awesome, eh?

So… synchronicity. I was thinking about how things fall into place when you need them but least expect them to. And how, when that happens, it breaks barriers that you might not have realized were holding you back. But specifically how sometimes when that happens it comes in a form that you didn’t expect.

Have you ever just been out in the world doing something mundane and mindless like washing the dishes or waiting in line at the store when, *POW* you see something.  It could be a word on a poster on a wall, the water spinning down the drain, a car driving by with the windows down and blonde hair blowing and music blaring, a child reaching up grubby hands, begging to be picked up by his mom who is already overloaded with packages but manages to pick up the child anyway–and that image triggers a thought that sends sparks right through your eyeballs and into your synapses in your brain which blooms then into a full fledged kernel of something amazing?

You gotta love it when that happens. But you can’t just sit down in your chair and make your synapses explode. Well, at least I can’t. If you can, we need to talk, stat. I think the secret is that you have to quiet your mind. The mind that is occupied with monotony is the one that becomes free to really see and percolate and process.

Whenever it happens to me, I feel so empowered and excited by the boost. And when I am struggling, I try to find ways to shut down my mind to let it wake up.  So, there you have it: Clean your house and solve all your creative problems.

I’m off to fold some laundry.

P.S. I’ve got two contests brewing on the blog this week.  This one ends at midnight TONIGHT, this one ends at midnight TOMORROW. You gotta be in it to win it.

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