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Unveiling the Power of Stillness (or What to do When You're Feeling Stuck)

Today I wanted to talk about stillness. And how being still maybe isn't something that is sought after for its own sake. I find that it can be purposeful. 

I wanted to share something I learned recently while working on my human design studies and it's about the wisdom that lives inside the Gates of the I'Ching, the Gene Keys. There are 64 gates in the I'Ching and each of them correspond to a place in the cosmos that is connected to our personal astrology, our Natal chart, and our human design. The energy that you and I experience in our everyday lives is informed by each of these gates, and the planets that were in these gates much in the same way as planets in the Natal chart are shown to be in certain houses.

Conscious Sun Gate 52

My Conscious Sun is in Gate 52. Which means that it's a big part of the energy that I live every day, and in reading about the 52nd Gate, I was struck by how much there is to contemplate here. In fact every gate has this depth of information come up but i've spent a lot of time on gate 52 and it's made me realize the pattern hear that is available to all of us when we dig into learning about the gates that are defined and open in our charts

In the translation of the I'Ching by Wilhelm Baines he describes the 52nd Gate as "keeping still, mountain" and at its core, it's focus is on the problem of achieving a quiet heart. Because it's difficult for a human to have a quiet heart. But it also talks about how attaining a quiet heart is not a destination, but merely one side of a polarity. One side of a coin, with movement being the other side.

Because in this case, the 52nd Gate really isn't about stillness so much as keeping still until it's time to move. And ability to understand when it is time to move because you've been still long enough to feel into the world, and into your body, and the energy of whatever situation you've been in.

The I'Ching talks about the spine. the back. It talked about a man laying on his back and keeping still, and it's using that image to illustrate the meaning because that's where our all the nerve fibers are that make movement possible and when all the nerves are still, the restlessness of the mind disappears and whoever acts from this place of stillness makes no mistakes.  So the purpose of stillness is to act with awareness.

The Gene Keys

When you read up on the Gene Keys, by Richard Rudd, the 52nd Gene Key is called the Still Point and there are 3 facets, if you will, of each gene key called the Siddhi, the Gift, and the Shadow. And if you've heard me talk about human design before, you've heard me share that I have discovered for myself that contemplating the energies of all the gates for me is easiest when I start by analyzing the shadow. And the shadow is the unbalanced expression of an energy.

And what was interesting to me was in describing the shadow nature of some one struggling with the energy of the 52nd Gate, it shows up in the adrenals, which is the fight or flight center, the adrenaline source, the place that we tap into 4 more more more more.

And when you're operating in the shadow, that's going to show up as stuckness, collapsing under the pressure of this stress, or restlessness.

There was this one line in the book that I highlighted and that I underlined and then I put a star next to it and it's in the section that talks about the repressive nature of the shadow of Gate 52, which is stuckness. And it says "once one has sunk into these states it can be very difficult to escape. One of the only means of lifting oneself free of such a state is to find a way to be of service to others."

Now if you're new to my podcast and you haven't listened to any other episodes yet this might not be an explosive line to read to you, but for me it felt like the world cracked open and a light shone on something that I knew so deeply in my core but didn't know how I knew it. Back a few years ago when I was in the throes of deep burnout, I realized that the thing that was missing in my life was being of service to others and I actually said those words I remembered that I needed to be of service.

And I didn't know where that came from. I didn't know where that understanding arrived from because I hadn't discovered human design yet or the Gates or anything like that all I knew was that I was desperate for a solution because I was really stuck. So reading this line in this book that talks about the universalness of the I'Ching, it felt so profound. And it kind of solidified my ability to trust it as a source of contemplation and learning about myself and in turn about all the other people in my life and in the world.

Digging further into the shadow of Gate 52, the other side of the shadow next to the repressive side which is stuckness is the reactive side which is restlessness. And this is literally people who are unable to sit still. They are reacting. And again like stuckness, it's driven by the adrenals, but in this case because of the restlessness the consistency of it the frequency of the movement causes people to burnout, and have physical damage over time.

The remedy for the restlessness, is understanding the fear that's driving it.

And I wonder who out there needs to hear that today because I was the one who needed to hear about stuckness and I just can't really articulate how moving it was to see those words speaking my truth in a way that nothing ever had and it was really so simple.

And while I had already come to the need to be of service to other people on my own, discovering this in my learning about Gate 52 was such a profound validation, it was so potent and it it allowed me confidence to stand firm in the changes that I was making in my life because I made a huge amount of change in my life in order to shift from that stuckness and that horrible feeling of being burned out and I wasn't sure if I was doing what was correct for me.

Now, more than a year later, I know based on how I feel that it was absolutely correct for me to make these changes and I found a lot of that steadfastness through learning about this Gate.

So that was all about the shadow of Gate 52. Now remember that Gate 52 as a whole is the mountain, which is the embodiment of stillness. And the Gift of the 52nd Gate is restraint. And that goes back to the original I'Ching which talks about the mountain and the man laying on his back. And it is not about stillness for stillness's sake but stillness for clarity toward action. It takes fear out of the equation and brings in perspective, because when you're still you're observing, you're being the witness.

And I think that over time, this is something that we learn to trust and in trusting it we actually start to seek it when we feel uncertain, or unclear. Because once it starts to serve us, when we know that by getting still we'll actually have more success when we act, we will seek that stillness more frequently as our source of clarity. And when you're living in a place of stillness, you are not reacting, you're doing the opposite, so fear then is removed from the equation and then the actions that you take you're taking them in your power.

I share a lot about my journey into human design on this show and on my blog and with my friends and in my mastermind, because it's been so all-encompassing for me and this journey that I'm on, and I laugh sometimes when I talk about it because I talk about it like I'm on some magical mystery tour, because that's what it feels like sometimes. It feels like i found the cheat codes to unlock how I operate in the world, and it's brought with it a profound sense of peace and I feel like in contemplating my purpose, i feel like just the fact that I am having this profound experience I might inspire someone out there to dig into their own design and unlock their own purpose and see themselves in the descriptions of the gates and not only that but also find a path through the challenges they're living.

So if that's you, if you're hearing me share about my experience with my Conscious Sun Gate 52, and it's giving you the chills, go to my website and run your human design chart if you haven't already and identify what your Conscious Sun gate is and do some reading, it's it's powerful stuff.

And that is why I'm sharing it with you today. Because I've been studying the gates and human design and the gene keys for a year and a half or so now and I have yet to find anything that doesn't fit. And that's kind of mind blowing to me because it's such an old collection of esoteric teachings, that has been brought together in a way that is rather exceptional.

And when I started learning about Gt 52 and I had this eye opening kind of understanding, I realized that we're all unique, every human being is different, and yet there are universal experiences and universal understandings and universal energies that impact us in ways that can be quantified and understood and shared in a way that can help us heal.

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