I have been thinking a lot about how often people say one thing but do another. I think there are two camps when it comes to this; one being those people who do not realize how huge the gap is between their words and their deeds, and the other being those who talk the good talk with the purpose of concealing the facts, choosing their words with the goal of hiding the fact that they have ulterior motives.

Sounds so sinister. I am stuck on the latter. It frustrates me to watch the scene playing out, especially when I have stepped behind the curtain myself and know that it is all a farce. Why is it that people whose intentions are impure always seem to succeed?

I am a believer in Karma, and I have witnessed it when the Universe conspires in favor of a person who is doing the right thing, the good thing “following their personal legend” as Paul Coelho so eloquently wrote in The Alchemist. But it happens so infrequently that it feels more like a precious moment of pure grace to witness it. Why is it such a rare and elusive thing for the good guys?

It is not a case of sour grapes on my part. I am actually quite separated from this particular situation – it just kills me to see success arrive, big success – when I know the man behind the curtain is working to serve only himself.

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