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Whatcha reading? Seeking good reads. - Corinne O'Flynn

*Peers at your shelves for some good reads*

David Sedaris was in town recently, and while I was unable to score a ticket to his show, his proximity made me break open Me Talk Pretty One Day which is just a fave. Of course I had no choice but to read Naked when that was done and line up the rest of his books in my queue.

While perusing my shelves, however, I found that I am running out of things to read.

Out in like a month is Miriam Forster’s City of a Thousand Dolls. WEEEEE!! Truly, I have been dying for the release of this book since I did not win ANY of the ARCs or anything. I thought you had my back, Miriam. Whatevs.

This book comes out in early February and to celebrate, Miriam is having a huge month-long giveaway!  Check out her 30 Days of Bookery here. Add “City” to your reading lists and get in on the action at Miriam’s blog.

While out with my family bowling a paltry 115 yesterday, I popped into the book store to peek at the shelves and grabbed this:


I love the cover. Creepy floating girl, you had me at your tiara. I’d
heard that this is one book that should be read in paper format. With
the letters and photos that are included within, it does not make a good
kindle read. So, color me pleased that it was front and center when I
arrived and practically jumped into my waiting clutches. I have not flipped through to see the photos. Must. Resist.

Then I have planned a re-read of Ender’s Game, followed by the unabridged audio of Justin Cronin’s The Twelve, the sequel to his amazing The Passage – which you must read/listen to if you have not. The audio was terrific. All this while I toil to finish Game of Thrones Book 5 – A Dance With Dragons.

For those of you who have read GoT book 5, did you feel, like I do, that it does not actually pick up where book 4 left off? I continue because I really love the story… but I feel like I missed something.

Calling all book recommendations! 
 I would love to hear about good books you’ve read or listened to lately. I read just about any genre.

Happy Monday folks!

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  1. If you like creepy, I’ve got two tremendous recs for you, both ghost stories. The first is The White Devil by Justin Evans and the second is Haunting Violet by Alyxandra something-or-other (sorry, can’t remember her last name). Both are freaking excellent. Highly recommended!

  2. My current read is “The Walking Dead: Compendium One.” Not sure what is going to be after that. Maybe I’ll re-read “Ender’s Game.” Or see if I can convince The Wife to let me read “The Hobbit” to the kids.

  3. Thanks for the titles!

    It’s been an age since I read Ender’s, so I am hoping it is like the first time for me! :)

    Oooh, I might have to reread the Hobbit. Perhaps we could make it a family affair and read aloud to the kids as well.

  4. I am still wishing for the ARC on the one contest that ends this week. EpicReads, I think. But as fab as a freebie would be, not winning will not stop me from reading. It’s already preordered!

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