January 26, 2011

You ever watch a movie that is really interesting and original in the way it tells its story?  You ever find yourself so totally engrossed in the world of the movie and start to let the little things like continuity editing (yeah, his shirt was un-tucked a second ago, oh! now its not, and now it is again) and little plot holes (Well, why can’t they just get back in the time machine and go back to before this mistake…) slide away because you know we’re all human?

Picture the scene:  So there you are letting the movie take you along in spite of the flaws because you’re having fun, you like the characters, the problem is engaging.  Ooh!  Now things are coming together!  You get to the point where you feel like all the threads are going to overlap for the big reveal.  The journey will be worth while.  You’ll get some satisfaction and let all the little things slide.  And…

The screen doesn’t fade to black, it just shuts off all lights and BAM! it’s black and the credits start rolling.

WTF! You scream at the screen.  You feel cheated.  And rightfully so.  #plotfail

This is what happened to me last night as I turned the last page in the book I was reading.  When I got near the end I actually started thinking, hmmm there are not a lot of pages left and there are a lot of loose ends that need to be addressed – but not enough real estate to get it all done.

I was right.  Like my movie above, the book just ended.  Mid scene.  Mid problem.  Nothing was resolved. Not one thing.  At all. I turned the page and stared in disbelief at the two words standing alone on the page: The End.

This book came recommended to me and I bought it without hesitating because I trusted the recommendation from a publishing professional.  This book was published by a legit publishing house and by an agented author.  How is it possible that something so wrong could get though in its present state?

As a writer I spend countless hours – days – of my life reading blogs and books and attending workshops about how you need to make sure your work is the most polished it can possibly be in order to rise from the slush and be noticed.  To get published you must hone your craft.  You must work on your book until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!  And yet, this book was none of those things.  It was full of typos and it literally ended in the middle.   I just don’t know what to think about this.

This book is part of a series, although it does not stand on its own.  I might pick up the next one just to see if maybe book two was actually the intended end of book one.  But at this point I am doing so out of morbid curiosity.  They’ve lost me as a reader.

*shakes head*

In other news… I just unwrapped my copy of Julia Karr’s SIXTEEN – so I imagine this will all be like a terrible dream soon.  Happy happy joy!

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